Symptoms of Lower Extremity Venous Insufficiency

Common Symptoms

Symptoms of Lower Extremity Venous Insufficiency

Symptoms of lower extremity venous insufficiency can range from minor cosmetic issues to a serious medically disabling condition. Not all symptoms match the outward appearance and vice versa. It is possible to have significant vein disease without symptoms, or to have symptoms but no outward manifestations such as spider or bulging varicose veins. Treatment is not only for cosmetic reasons, but to treat a true underlying medical condition that can lead to more serious and debilitating issues in the future.


Pain and discomfort can prevent you from enjoying an active and healthy lifestyle. It is very important that if you are experiencing any of the listed symptoms to come in for a venous insufficiency consultation with one of our vein experts at Precision VIR.

The physical manifestations of lower extremity venous insufficiency can range from the most common spider and varicose veins to, in extreme cases, skin breakdown and venous ulcers. The venous ulcers can subsequently lead to more serious medical conditions. Vein disease can be easily diagnosed and is treatable even at an advanced stage. The condition is generally covered by most health insurances, including Medicare and Medicaid. Vein disease can get worse if untreated. Incompetent and weakened valves can lead to more prominent varicose veins.

Varicose veins range from smaller “spider veins,” bluish reticular type veins or bulging large prominent varicosities that are on the surface of the legs. They are often a combination of the three described manifestations. More importantly for the patient, lower extremity venous insufficiency can cause symptoms that can interrupt normal daily activities and adversely affect the quality of life. Aching painful legs can have a detrimental domino effect to overall health as there is a decrease in physical activity from pain and as a disincentive to exercise or be mobile.

Patients that leave their venous disease untreated are often not able to enjoy the same quality of life or wellness, and are likely to eventually have more serious health issues. As mentioned before, a vicious cycle of derangement occurs as vein disease progresses, varicose veins enlarge become more prominent and valves and veins walls become more damaged. Varicose veins occur only in the lower body and can affect anywhere in the lower half of the body, from the groin down to the ankle.