Vein Disease: How to Recognize in Family, Friends and Next Steps

Vein disease can develop slowly, taking years to become symptomatic. Although signs and symptoms range from mild discomfort to sharp pain, all have one thing in common: ignoring vein disease allows the underlying venous insufficiency issue to progress. People often don’t get the right treatment until their disease reaches a critical point. That’s why it … Continue reading Vein Disease: How to Recognize in Family, Friends and Next Steps

Varicose Veins in Men

What Causes Varicose Veins in Men? Varicose veins are large, swollen, and twisted veins, mostly appearing on the legs and feet. They occur due to defective valves in the veins, which cause the blood to flow in the wrong direction and pool in your legs. At Precision VIR, we see varicose veins in men and … Continue reading Varicose Veins in Men

Pain Free Legs Dallas

Looking for pain free legs in Dallas/Fort Worth area? You’ve found the right place with Precision! If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, maybe you’ve heard our radio spots sharing Ana’s story about her painful legs. At Precision, we are all about helping patients like Ana. Do you want to enjoy pain free legs … Continue reading Pain Free Legs Dallas

VenaSeal Treatment FAQs for Varicose Veins

What is the VenaSeal™ Treatment? The VenaSeal closure system is a non-thermal, non-tumescent, non-sclerosant procedure approved for use in the U.S. that uses a specially formulated medical adhesive that closes the diseased vein. The VenaSeal treatment addresses symptomatic venous reflux disease in the lower extremity superficial venous system, often the underlying cause of painful varicose … Continue reading VenaSeal Treatment FAQs for Varicose Veins