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Skin Discoloration & Hyperpigmentation

Personalized Medical Treatment for Skin Discoloration & Hyperpigmentation

Skin discoloration happens when iron from the red blood cells gets deposited under the skin and “stains” the skin. This occurs when there is increased venous congestion causing a leaking of red blood cells into the tissues, especially the lower legs. The venous congestion can be from underlying varicose veins. When this symptom is present, it is usually a sign of a more advanced stage of venous disease.

Once the tissue is stained, it takes a long time for the body to clear. If the underlying venous disease is not treated then the staining will get worse and skin thickening, Edema with potentially venous ulcers may occur.

Precision VIR performs leading-edge procedures to treat vein disease while providing superb patient care.

More than 20 million Americans suffer from vein disease or venous disorders, a true medical condition that can lead to additional serious health problems. An even greater number suffer silently going undiagnosed. Vein disease can manifest itself in symptoms such as pain, fatigue, itching, burning and swelling of the legs, but can also by asymptomatic.

With vein disease, vein walls and valves become weakened. The valves stretch and become damaged, interrupting normal blood flow. There is a backwards flow of blood (reflux) which increases pressure in the veins. This initiates a vicious cycle of progressive damage to the vein which can ultimately cause chronic venous reflux disease or venous insufficiency.

Sadly, vein disease doesn’t cure itself. Vein disease can get worse if untreated. Incompetent and weakened valves can lead to even more prominent varicose veins.

The good news in that with advances in minimally invasive vein treatment, Precision VIR doctors can treat lower extremity vein disease through safer and more effective techniques that don’t require major surgery.

Once the underlying diseased veins have been treated, the improved blood flow to and from the affected leg and skin helps to revive the tissue. There is eventual clearing and restoration of the skin and tissues.

Skin Discoloration & Hyperpigmentation – Medical Treatment

If you notice dark areas of skin, especially around the ankles or the inside of your lower leg, call the experts at Precision today to schedule your consultation.