Medical Minute: What is Varicocele? | Dallas Fort Worth TX

Medical Minute: What Is Varicocele

In this video below, Dr. Danny Chan explains “What Is Varicocele?”

Varicocele is a dilatation and a dysfunction of what we call the gonadal vein in a man. It’s analogous to the ovarian vein in a woman.

The condition increases the blood flow, and the back up of blood, to the left and right gonadal veins. Typically, the left side is worse than the right.

Variococele increases the flow into the scrotum, causing a dililatation and a “snarling” of vessels surrounding the scrotum and testicles.

The increased heat from the blood of the variocele can cause infertility by driving down the sperm production. Once treated, sperm production will increase due to the heat being taken away. Thus, with the increase in sperm production, treatment of varicocele can essentially cure infertility.

Varicocele symptoms may include pain that increases with physical exertion. Varicocele may enlarge over time and impair sperm production. In younger men, varicoceles can hinder testicular growth.

Treatment with Varicocele Embolization can not only relieve pain and discomfort, but serve as a cure for infertility.

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